Research objectives

In examining young adults’ pathways to economic self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship, CUPESSE pursues the following main objectives:

  • Obtaining a comprehensive understanding of the supply side of youth unemployment by focusing on the intergenerational transmission of social capital and its influences on economic self-sufficiency and entrepreneurial behaviour
  • Investigating how both supply and demand side factors affect unemployment among young adults and the extent to which young people’s attitudes and skills align with employer demands
  • Analysing the long-term consequences of youth unemployment, both with regard to the unemployed as well as for society as a whole
  • Studying the effects of labour market policies and how they have been embraced by European states to combat youth unemployment
  • Formulating policy ideas and strategies for addressing unemployment among young people in Europe

CUPESSE’s five main objectives can be assigned to two research dimensions. The first research dimension is dedicated to a comparative investigation of the causes and effects of youth unemployment. The second dimension seeks to employ these insights to assess the effects and effectiveness of existing policy measures. In other words, we aim to identify and evaluate the factors and measures that have the greatest impact in order to improve existing programmes and to propose more effective policy responses to help overcome youth unemployment in Europe.