Study module on competencies for the world of work available for teachers and universities in Germany

Ver.di, the United Services Trade Union in Germany, has recently released a programme on competencies and skills for the world of work which can be adopted by German universities. The module titled “Arbeitsbeziehungen in Deutschland – Kompetenzen für die Arbeitswelt” (engl. “Labour relations in Germany – Competencies for the world of work”) has been developed in close cooperation with scientists.

The module offers a range of courses which are dealing with legal basics, the system of representation of interests, as well as with today’s challenges in the world of work. The aim is to familiarize students with the framework conditions of work life and enable them to reflect on their future situation and challenges as employed persons.

The module is valid within the ECTS-system and has already been included in a handful of study programmes all over Germany.

Read more on the module’s online platform.