Learn more about CUPESSE findings at the Conference of Europeanists

CUPESSE partners will present and discuss their project findings in two panels as part of the 24th International Conference of Europeanists (CES) which will take place in Glasgow, UK on 12-14 July 2017. The overarching topic of this year’s conference is “Sustainability and Transformation”.

Jennifer Shore from the Heidelberg University will chair the session titled “Youth Unemployment in Europe: Beyond the Official Statistics”. Presentations will highlight the various challenges faced by young adults in terms of labour market inclusion. The panel seeks to broaden the perspective on youth unemployment in and go beyond the official statistics by presenting findings from CUPESSE partners from the UK, Spain, Germany and Austria.

The second panel, chaired by Monika Muehlboeck from the University of Vienna, is titled “Intergenerational Transmission in Times of Economic Transformation” and will focus on the transmission of work-related values and attitudes, as well as the cultural and social capital that is passed from parents to their children. The panel aims at addressing questions like:  Are the values and attitudes of young adults still congruent with those of their parents despite societal and economic changes or have these values and attitudes significantly transformed over time? To what extent is cultural and social capital transmitted across generations? Finally, how are these potential transmission processes shaped by political institutions?

More information can be found on the CES Conference Website.