CUPESSE partners meet in Catania

The CUPESSE consortium at its 6th Progress Meeting in Catania

Entering the final year of the project, the CUPESSE consortium met for its 6th Progress meeting on 26-27 January, 2017, in Sicily. The one and a half day meeting was kindly hosted by the CUPESSE partner University of Catania.

This was the first meeting after the consortium managed to secure a contract to publish the results of the in-depth family interviews as an edited volume at end of last year. The agenda on the first day was thus dedicated to presenting the first findings from the data analysis and to agree on the outline of the theoretical framework and the country chapters. The book will present the results of interviews involving family members of three generations across ten countries. The presentation of the country results showed that despite country-specific factors it is possible to identify common patterns in the transmission of resources, values, and attitudes from one generation to the next that influence the self-sufficiency of young people.   

The agenda on the second meeting day focused on the quantitative data of the CUPESSE survey on youth unemployment. In this survey young adults in ten countries were interviewed by the CUPESSE partners. The analysis of this data is still on-going. An analysis focusing on factors predicting youth self-employment reflects, however, significant country differences, while age, gender, parental self-employment, and risk acceptance seem to have universal importance as drivers of youth involvement in self-employment.

With the aim to publish these results in the form of a joint publication as well, the partners lastly discussed the structure and content of the planned publication.

The next progress meeting of CUPESSE will take place in Granada on 22-23 June 2017.