CUPESSE members successfully applied for and organized two panels at this year’s European Consortium for Political Research’s (ECPR) annual General Conference on September 6-9, 2017 in Oslo. The ECPR Conference is one of Europe's biggest gatherings of political scientists. The panels provided an opportunity for CUPESSE members to present their on-going research and receive feedback from other scholars.

The first panel, chaired by Bettina Schuck (UHEI), was titled “Responses to youth unemployment: Design, Successes, and Ongoing Challenges” and included research papers authored by 12 CUPESSE researchers on the design and efficacy of public policies as well as papers offering new insights into the future agenda for public policies addressing youth employment. The second panel, chaired by Emily Rainsford (UNEW), featured papers on the topic of “The formation of young people’s political beliefs in turbulent times”. The papers, also authored by 12 CUPESSE researchers, paid close attention to how the experiences of uncertainty and precariousness shape on young people’s political dispositions and attitudes. The panel also included contributions examining the social-psychological processes of political attitude and value transmission within families.