5th Progress Meeting of CUPESSE in Athens

The CUPESSE consortium at its 5th Progress Meeting in Athens.

In the middle of the hot summer in Greece, the new CUPESSE partner DiaNEOsis proudly welcomed the CUPESSE consortium on the premises of the University of Athens for a two-days meeting on June 23-24, 2016.

The first day of the meeting focused on the final outcomes of fielding the project survey on youth unemployment. After a lot of hard work having gone into the preparation and the actual implementation of this crucial part of the project, the teams were excited to report their achievements in terms of response rates and share solutions to overcome challenges.

The survey has been conducted in ten Member States of the EU and Associated Countries and aims to obtain a better understanding on how the intergenerational transmission of norms, values and social axioms influences the economic self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship of young people.

Further items on the agenda were the next steps to be taken in the coming weeks and months, namely storage, processing and managing the survey data and its analysis.

On meeting day two, country teams presented the progress of the in-depth family interviews and gave initial insights into the collected data. The interviews involved family members of three generations in ten countries to complement the results of the project survey.  

Last but not least, the consortium discussed and agreed upon a publication strategy for joint publications and made plans for an edited volume presenting the project outcomes, from its conceptual framework to the data collection and the country studies on to the results and conclusions.

The next progress meeting of CUPESSE will take place in Catania on 26-27 January 2017.

A smaller group will meet in Heidelberg on 21 September 2016 for a one-day workshop on “Grit”. Grit represents one of the key psychological concepts incorporated in the CUPESSE survey. Recent research attempts have shown that grit may be an important determinant of high achievement in educational and professional settings. The CUPESSE group wants to discuss its grit-related findings with researcher outside the group to receive feedback.

This workshop will be followed by a two-day workgroup meeting to bring forward the edited volume.