University of Granada, Spain

The University of Granada is one of the leading ‘research’ universities in Spain. It is well recognized in the fields of Health Sciences, Languages, Engineering, Economics and Social Sciences. The UGR host the Bio Tic Granada Campus, a project that aspires to achieve the title of Campus of International Excellence. The project is underpinned by an extensive strategic partnership whose highest level of participation is made up of the UGR, the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), and the Health-Science Technology Park (PTS). Entrepreneurship dinamization is one the key dimensions of the project.


Jose L. Arco

Photo of Jose L. Arco

Professor Dr. José L. Arco has worked for institutions such as the Andalusia School of Public Health. He has been working at the Dpt. of Developmental and Educational Psychology for the last 15 years. For 8 years he was the Director of Counseling and Guidance Services at the University of Granada. He has more than a dozen of publications both on national and international peer reviewed journals. He has also published several books on topics such as Special Education, Guidance and Counseling Services in the Higher Education Area, Stress and working conditions and program evaluation.

Francisco Fernandez

Photo of Francisco Fernandez

Professor Dr. Francisco D. Fernandez has been working at the Dpt. of Developmental and Educational Psychology for the last 10 years. He has a large experience on implementing public program evaluations, research studies, and assessments in the Education arena. He has also several publications among articles and books’ chapters on internationally recognized journals and publishers, on topics like bullying, special educational needs, elderly and academic failure and dropout prevention programs, research methodological designs and program evaluation.

Stephen Hughes

Photo of Stephen Hughes

Dr. Stephen Hughes has extensive experience working in Secondary and Higher Education. His areas of expertise lie in quality management in education, bilingual education and language learning and acquisition. He has experience of working in national and international research projects. In addition to publishing in articles, books and chapters, he is on the scientific committee of two international journals.

Professor Francisco Javier Carrillo

Photo of Francisco Javier Carrillo

Professor Francisco Javier Carrillo works at the Department of Didactics of Experimental Sciences since 2007. He has published more than a dozen articles in the JCR Index. He is a member of the Andalusia Earth Sciences Institute (CSIC-UGR) collaborating with companies through research projects. He contributes to numerous scientific literacy schemes and belongs to the Andalusian network of Learning Communities. He coordinates a university volunteering initiative and participates in projects of social-educative Service-Learning.

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University of Granada
Universidad de Granada

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Avda. del Hospicio
18071 Granada, Spain