Koç University of Istanbul, Turkey

Koc University is an endowed, non-profit institution of higher education, located in Istanbul, Turkey, founded in 1993 by the Vehbi Koç Foundation. Since its establishment, KU has quickly become one of the leading research universities in Turkey, attracting accomplished, high-calibre researchers from all over the world. The vast majority (97%) of 400 faculty members received their Ph.D. from the most reputable universities in the world. The majority of students enrolled in the undergraduate programs are ranked within the top 1% in the national university entrance exam. The Department of Psychology is an academic unit established within KU’s College of Social Sciences and Humanities.


Zeynep Cemalcilar

Photo of Zeynep Cemalcilar

Zeynep Cemalcılar is an assistant professor of psychology at Koç University, Turkey. She received a PhD Degree in Social Psychology from The University of Texas at Austin (Educational Psychology Program) in 2003. She is specifically interested in applying social psychological theories and research to social issues. Her current research interests are on: social psychology of education (e.g. school drop-outs, school belonging), positive youth development, culture, prosocial behaviour and communication technologies, and social behaviour.

Nebi Sümer

Photo of Nebi Sümer

Nebi Sümer is Professor of Psychology at Middle East Technical University, Turkey. He received a master’s degree in Developmental Psychology in 1988 from Hacattepe University and PhD in Social Psychology from Kansas State University in 1996. His research has mainly focused on two general areas. The first one concerns the role of attachment dynamics and parenting from a life-span perspective. The second area focuses on transportation safety and driver behavior. He also has research on the effects of unemployment, testing and measurement, and advanced statistics. He has published a number of articles, book chapters, books on these areas and received funding from both national and international sources.

Roza Kamiloglu

Photo of Roza Kamiloglu

Roza Kamiloglu is a Master’s student of social psychology at Koç University. She received a B.S degree in Physics and a B.A degree in Psychology from Koc University at 2014. Her current research interests are collective memory, intergroup relations, identity and History, national and cultural identity.

Canan Coşkan

Photo of Canan Coşkan

Canan Coşkan is a PhD candidate in the Center for Social and Cultural Psychology Research Group at University of Leuven. She completed her BSc Major in Psychology, the Minor in Sociology and her MSc in Social Psychology at Middle East Technical University. In her PhD, she has taken part in the Leuven Children of Immigrants Longitudinal Study (LeuvenCILS). Her current research focuses on Self- and Identity Processes, Psychological Acculturation and the role of relational context in self and acculturation processes, as well as psychological and socio-cultural adaptation in young minorities. More broadly, she is interested in bringing a critical scope on mainstream acculturation and cultural adaptation research.

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Koç University of Istanbul
Koç Üniversitesi

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